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Beautiful House Design in Malang, East Java

September 06, 2012 By: Category: House Architecture Pictures, Uncategorized

Beautiful House in Malang, East Java-01

Beautiful House in Malang, East Java-1

These home design photos were taken on April 2012 when I visited Batu city in Malang East Java. I was interested in taking the photos of a beautiful house around the hotel I stay. The exterior design looks elegant with beautiful wall color.  This house is more beautiful and elegant than other house in this area. One thing which I was also interested in is the roof design. With the beautiful garden, the house is comfortable to live in. The location which is  on the hill which is full of trees make the environment of the house is fresh and it must be very healthy. The lighting fixtures which are well designed match with the color of the wall make the house look more elegant. The small beautiful garden which is well arranged supports the elegant look of the house. The environment of the house which is hill which is full of trees make the house has healthy environment because of the fresh air. These home design photos are very good to be the references and enrich the home design styles that can give the inspiration in preparing an elegant house design we are going to build. Minimalist home design model is applied in this house. We know that minimalist house design models have become the popular home design styles nowadays. The shape and decoration which is simple but elegant make people like to use minimalist home design style as the models of the house which is built. These are really inspiring home design photos for those who are interested in modern home design architecture.
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Photos of Theater Interior Design in Merapi Volcano Museum

September 04, 2012 By: Category: other Building Pictures, Uncategorized

Theater Interior Design_01

Theater Interior Design_1

When you go to Yogyakarta, the popular city which becomes the tourism destination for foreign tourists, you must not miss visiting Merapi Volcano museum. This building is located in Kaliurang, one  of the popular tourism objects in Yogyakarta, Indonesia located in the beautiful area in the foot of Merapi mountain. In this museum building, there is a theater room which is used to present the film on Merapi volcano, the most active volcano in the world, such as the volcano eruption. These pictures are very good to be the inspiration in designing, decorating and choosing the good furniture to support  an elegant theater design. From these pictures we can learn a lot of things about theater design such as the theater interior design, theater interior decoration, theater lighting design, theater flooring design, theater ceiling design, and the elegant design of the theater door designs.
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Tree Hotel Exterior Design Idea In Malang Indonesia

August 31, 2012 By: Category: Hotel Architecture Pictures, Uncategorized

Tree Hotel Exterior Design Idea-001

Tree Hotel Exterior Design Idea-01

If you go to Malang, a beautiful city in East java Indonesia, you should visit Jatim Park 2. This is the zoo with park concept. In the complex of Jatim Park 2 there is a hotel with unique exterior design. The hotel exterior is designed  with the concept of a tree. The exterior shape of the hotel is like a big tree with roots. The hotel is designed as if it were in a giant tree. This is the only hotel in Indonesia which has the facilities of spinning fast food restaurant, shades of the forest, and is surrounded by live animals. Staying at the hotel like this will  experience  the different sensation. Staying in the hotel is like living in the giant tree in the jungle with animals. The hotel is named “Pohon inn”. Pohon means tree in English. This is the most unique hotel in Indonesia. The existence of this unique hotel supports the tourism object named Batu Secrete zoo, the modern zoo with various animals. This tree hotel is surrounded by the beauty of the “Arjuna” mountains “Banyak” mountain and “Panderman” hill , so it has a very beautiful Scenery. The types of hotel rooms which are available in this amazing hotel are superior rooms, deluxe rooms, executive rooms. If you are going to Indonesia, don’t miss Jatim Park 2 and stay in the tree hotel inn. besides batu secrete zoo and tree hotel, complex of Jatim Park 2 is also completed with international animal museum.
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